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It is company policy of MEDYP to satisfy the expectations and needs of our Clients in harmony with the aim of satisfaction of the property that leans us, establishing and maintaining the tall quality of our products and services.
Our politics of quality bases in the following principles:
The Client is the essential element and reason to be of our company. Therefore knowing his needs and trials is fundamental for us, only like this we will be able to satisfy him. An important part of the satisfaction of the Client roots in the quality of service.
The continuous improvement is the guarantee of future. Our aim is to eradicate the errors and the causes that produce them entering preventive diagrams. For this we apply the modern concepts of the Quality to our management. Our aim is zero defects.

Our suppliers contribute in a valuable way in helping us to satisfy the needs of the Client. Their contribution is key to achieve the success in the markets of today and tomorrow.
Our Quality measures , not only fulfilling the specifications and requests, but also in surpassing the expectations of our Clients, in all and each one of the aspects of our business. Reaching this aim ensures us the leadership in our path to the excellence.
The environmental measures that employ in Montajes Medyp base in deleting entirely or minimise in all the possible ways the environmental impact derivative of our activities and installations, procure the efficient utilisation of the resources, warn the contamination of the surroundings and perform a correct management of the waste. This way, we form and we sensitise to all the personnel in matter of Quality, Security and Health in the work.

Establishing the Politics like frame of reference to ensure the establishment and review of the aims of the Integrated System of Management. Quality is everyone's responsability. 

For this have established an Integrated System of Management in base to the requirements of the Norm of Quality, UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008

Download certified ISO - Political of quality
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